Our Background

Once upon a time, not so long ago, two friends sat down and moaned about the state of the world and the barrage of plastic and rubbish blighting our rivers and oceans. But what could two people do? Well we discovered 'plogging' and suggested that maybe some others could pop along and join us.

Two of us turned into 16 and the first plog was born. Starting at Putney Bridge and running towards Hammersmith and back, 16 people picked up over 30 bags of rubbish. Dermot decided that it wasn't enough to do one simple plog, oh no, this was going to be a regular occurance. Big ideas and passion lead to change so we arranged the next plog in Kingston-upon-Thames and this time we kitted ourselves out in custom made t-shirts. With shouts of 'bravo' from onlookers and children joining in the fun, we collected over 35 bags of rubbish. 

Plogolution has now held large scale plogs across London and much further afield. We've seen the difference plogging can make to a community. Not only does it bring different people together in a common cause, it tidies up the area, ridding it of the scourge of single use plastic.



Dermot Kavanagh


A 'sarf' London boy born and bred, Dermot is passionate about both the environment and fitness. When he's not hanging around upside down in handstands or doing unbelievable calisthenics on the bar, he likes to save rhinos in Africa.

Insta: @dfit_pt

Michelle Parkes


Michelle is a marketing expert who enjoys seeing first hand the impact that eco-fitness has on both the local environment and the people who take part in plogging. Michelle loves bees, geckos and throwing herself around obstacle course races.

Insta: @michelle_plogolution

Plogolution team



Phoebe runs our school plogging clubs and is passionate about educating the next generation about litter and plastic pollution. 



Zoe manages our plogs in Ashton-Under-Lyne and the surrounding areas. Zoe and the team make a massive difference to the area.

Our amazing volunteers

Supple Strength - Beckenham


Conor and Joe run Supple Strength and regular monthly plogs in the Beckenham area.

Fugitive Motel - Bethnal Green


Liam and David run our Bethnal Green plogs, starting at their establishment, Fugitive Motel.



Esther and Lee (fitness professionals) run regular plogs in Harrogate.

Mansfield Runners


Maddy and the gang at Mansfield Runners regularly head out on the beautiful trails.



Tom and Katie will be running regular plogs in the Kingston and surrounding area.

Could you be the next plog leader?


Drop us a message if you would like to help out and run plogs in your area!

As featured on BBC London News

Plogolution were delighted to be interviewed for BBC London News and got the chance to clean up an inlet near Hammersmith Bridge at the same time!

As featured in the Sunday Times

Plogolution were delighted to be interviewed by Rod Liddle for the Sunday Times online. Rod even got involved in a little central London plog!

Ultra Plog


We're always keen to step outside of our comfort zones and wanted to find a way to raise awareness of the huge amount of rubbish, and especially single-use plastic that litters our waterways.

With this in mind, we set ourselves a bit of a challenge for the end of May 2019. Plogolution plogged the length of the Thames from the source to the Thames barrier.

That's 184 miles. In 6 days. And picking up a LOT of rubbish on the way.

We documented everything we picked up along the way so we could highlight problem areas as well as demonstrate the huge littering problem we face.

You can see more on our Ultra Plog page.