Corporate plogs

Does your company give you some time to give back to the community? How about coming and doing a Plog with Plogolution?!

We can arrange a plog local to your offices to help you make the local area look cleaner and tider, as well as keeping your staff fit at the same time! We can arrange for walking or running versions and even get younger family members involved too.

Plogolution are available to run these during the week, we just ask for a donation of £400 which covers our costs and gives us funds to set up a school plogging club!

Sponsor a School

Why not sponsor a school and arrange for them to hold regular plogging clubs? Your sponsorship will allow Plogolution to carry out a whole school assembly and provide equipment and reward scheme for the children taking part. We can even send you regular updates on the amount of rubbish picked up and pictures from the kids!