Up coming Plogs

Brent Valley Plog

Date: 3rd March 2019, 10.30am

Location: Hanwell Zoo, Brent Valley

2k walk and 5k run


Ashton-Under-Lyne Plog

Date: 10th March 2019, 10am

Location: TBC

2k walk and 5k run


Hanworth Park Plog

Date: 16th March 2019, 2pm

Location: Hanworth Park, TW13

2k walk and 5k run


San Antonio Plog

Date: 4th May 2019, 10.00am

Location: Brackenridge Park

2k walk and 5k run



San Antonio


San Antonio, Texas

We're delighted to have set up our first American Chapter of Plogolution in San Antonio. Our first plog is planned for 4th May and as usual we will have a 2k walk and a 5k run available. 

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Interested in setting up your own International Chapter?

We are currently in talks with a number of people globally to set up chapters of Plogolution; using the same tried and tested method that has worked so well in the UK. If you're passionate about protecting the environment and want to make a difference, please get in touch.

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School Plogs


School Plogging Clubs

We are passionate about educating children about the planet and the consequences of rubbish and especially single-use plastic.

Not only do we regularly present at primary schools but we have also set up before school plogging clubs which allows the children to get involved and become passionate about cleaning up their local environment. 

If you are interested in getting involved or setting up your own school plogging club please do get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Ultra Plog

We're always keen to step outside of our comfort zones and wanted to find a way to raise awareness of the huge amount of rubbish, and especially single-use plastic that litters our waterways.

With this in mind, we've set ourselves a bit of a challenge for the end of May. Plogolution will be plogging the length of the Thames from the source to the Thames barrier.

That's 184 miles. In 6 days. And picking up a LOT of rubbish on the way.

We want to document everything we pick up along the way so we can highlight problem areas as well as demonstrate the huge littering problem we face.

If you're interested in finding out more or would like to get involved in any way, please take a look at our Ultra Plog page.