Plogolution in San Antonio

One of the reasons for us starting Plogolution was to empower communities to get fit running and walking around, and  at the same time make where they live a cleaner place.

At Plogolution we're passionate about spreading a message of sustainability and caring for the environment both through large scale Plogs and also going into schools to educate from youngsters up. If we're going to battle the massive plastic and littering issue we have globally, education is key to this. Once you've opened your eyes to the amount of rubbish littering our streets, waterways and oceans, it's hard to un-see it in the future.

Also, we want people to have fun! We want our ploggers to take to the streets with a rubbish bag in their hand and have that double endorphin hit of knowing they worked out, as well as having done something incredible for their planet.

The future really is in our hands, let's be the difference the planet needs to see.

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