3 Ways You Can Do to Extend the Age of the Earth

The earth we live in is getting older, this can be seen from the changing climate and earth conditions in recent years.

Many parts of the earth are starting to be damaged and eroded, the extinction of various species of animals and plants, natural disasters that occur in cycles, or even those caused by human actions.

The impact of the damage to the earth is getting worse every day, if it is not stopped, it will make it more difficult for us to get natural resources to survive on a daily basis, for example, such as clean water and air.

Pollution occurs everywhere, the earth’s temperature has also increased recently due to the ozone layer which is increasingly being eroded over time. It is our duty to preserve the earth for the continuation of human civilization in the future.

Here are some ways you can extend the age of our earth. Come on, see together the full description below.

  1. Planting trees or plants

Planting plants or trees is a good way to preserve the environment. The process of photosynthesis carried out by plants absorbs carbon dioxide, which then produces it back into oxygen which is released into the atmosphere.

The existence of plants that produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide will stop the climate change that has been happening for some time now.

Not only the earth, but the oxygen produced by plants is also good for humans because that way humans get healthy air quality which is good for the health of their bodies.

  1. Using public transportation

Vehicle exhaust pollution is a threat to the environment and the sustainability of this planet. Vehicle exhaust produces carbon dioxide and harmful gases, which can cause the greenhouse effect and cause an increase in the earth’s temperature.

Temperatures that are too hot can cause the polar ice caps to melt and cause sea levels to rise which can increase the risk of flooding.

If it’s not too urgent, use public transportation when traveling. If you want to be healthier for your body, you can also walk. By doing simple things, you have helped to care for our beloved earth.

  1. Reducing the use of plastic bags

If you go shopping to buy an item, do you still receive plastic from the seller?

One way you can do to help extend the age of the earth is to reduce the use of plastic bags for everyday purposes.

Plastic takes a very long time to decompose, and to this day plastic is still piling up and is one of the biggest contributors to waste on land or at sea. Plastic that is carried into the sea will turn into microplastics which is the cause of millions of marine animals being killed every year.

You can use a reusable shopping bag or cloth bag. Also, reduce buying drinks in plastic packaging, and use drinking bottles to store your drinking water.

Those are three simple ways you can do to extend the age of our aging earth.

Besides that, another way that you can practice right now is to save electricity usage at home when you’re not using it.

Come on, make sure your room lights are turned off during the day, ok!