Ultra Plog

24 hours of plogging

Plogolution’s 2nd Epic Challenge – 30th May 2020

So challenge two is now on the table and we’re excited to share our plans. As our challenges will always be, there is a mental and physical element attached. We want to push both our minds and our bodies out of their comfort zones, whilst at the same time making huge differences to local areas, both cleaning them up and raising awareness of the issues we face around littering and plastic pollution.

To that end, we will be Plogging for a full 24 hours on 30th May 2020. Just as the sun is rising at 6am on 30th May we will begin our journey at Putney Bridge. We are always keen on sharing the importance that littering around our waterways has so our plog will run not only along the Thames but also around the local canals.

From Putney we will be running towards Kew and heading onto the River Brent and the Grand Union Canal, we will be following this to Paddington before we leave it at Kings Cross and plog down towards the river. Then it’s west bound through Waterloo and back to Putney Bridge where we will be celebrating at 6am on 31st May!

This is around 45 miles but for us it’s going to be more about time on our legs. If we do more, then great, if we do less it probably means we’ve just come across a bit too much rubbish.

184 miles. 6 days. the length of the thames

Plogolution’s Epic Adventure

In May 2019, Plogolution took on quite the challenge! They plogged the whole length of the River Thames from the source in Kemble to the Thames Barrier. That’s 184 miles and our epic team covered it in 6 days.

We can’t begin to sum up the mental and physical challenge but we’re all so proud of the strong team that covered all those miles.

As well as 1,107 plastic bottles, 931 cans and 489 glass bottles, we also picked up 44 huge bags of rubbish for landfill. It was quite an eye opener on the amount of plastic and general litter that pollutes our environment.