Virtual Plogging

Keep Calm and Plog On!

These are difficult times, and the vast majority of us will no doubt be feeling some anxiety as we watch supermarket shelves being cleared and read the barrage of corona virus news. Exercise has long been a good antidote to feeling overwhelmed, so even if you don’t come on a plog with us in a group, why not join us for some virtual plogging? 

Stick some gloves on (you can even buy a full plogging kit here) and make a difference to your local community. Running or walking, it doesn’t make a difference, just enjoy being outside. You can even upload your stats after the run here and be part of something bigger. 

Bit of health and safety – don’t pick up any broken glass, needles or anything sharp. Make sure you wear gloves and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards! Tag us in your photos/videos and let’s #keepcalmandplogon and do something good with our energies.


UPDATE on plogging activites

All Plogs postponed for the near future


As this horrible virus sweeps through the world, we wanted to make sure that all our ploggers were aware of our stance. As per current government guidance we will be postponing all plogs for the near future. We are so very proud of all our volunteers and the impact they have made over the last year and a half. This doesn't need to stop, take part in some virtual plogging as above and keep spreading that word.

We are keeping an eye on the situation and will be back stronger and fitter than ever once this has passed. Can't wait to see you all again soon. Dermot, Michelle and the Plogolution team xx